When we look for a new home, we of course consider the four walls and features of the property itself, but in recent years, the need to feel part of a community, particularly post pandemic, has radically grown. We may have heard our grandparents talk of a time when neighbours used to “look out for each other,” but they may be pleasantly surprised to feel part of a community once again.

We see this increasingly in new build developments. Why? We’re all sharing a common experience as well as a common space. Our neighbours moved in weeks or days apart, some may be in a similar life stage and looking to make friends in a new area just like us. Inevitably a development Whatsapp group will be set up and someone will have a question about the bins or wanting to borrow something, then a monthly cheese and wine night is established. And that’s how the community starts to grow. It’s as simple as that.

We often underestimate the benefits to community and social connection. Not only does social connections lower rates of anxiety and depression but research suggests that people with richer social connections generally live longer and recover more quickly from heart attacks, strokes and other health setbacks.

Fly over our Devongrange, Sauchie development to see what this close-knit community looks like from the sky in our drone video below. Final homes now released.