Press Release

Ediston Homes, is pleased to announce that despite the challenges faced by the housing market, the company’s developments in Sauchie and Paisley are experiencing positive sales and a high level of buyer interest.

The Scottish housing market has recently seen a general slowdown with a decrease in the number of potential buyers and a surge in mortgage issues, posing significant challenges for housebuilders across the region. However, Ediston Homes has managed to stand out in this challenging environment by tailoring buyer packages to meet the evolving needs of purchasers.

In Sauchie, our development is defying market norms with impressive sales rates. Neal Jamieson, Managing Director of Ediston Homes, noted, “While the market as a whole has faced difficulties, our Sauchie development has been a beacon of success. We have taken a proactive approach by offering tailored buyer packages that provide added support and flexibility to potential homeowners.”

Printers Place in Paisley, one of Ediston Homes’ flagship developments, is also experiencing remarkable success. The first phase of housing has sold out, and the first homeowners have already moved in. The newly unveiled show home has received rave reviews for its unique design and features, setting a new standard for aspirational living.

Jamieson commented on the success of Printers Place, stating, “We are delighted with the response to Printers Place. The demand for our homes here has exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled to have homeowners moving in and enjoying their new spaces. Our show home has been a particular highlight, showcasing the unique and high-quality product we offer.

Despite the challenges posed by the current market conditions, Ediston Homes remains confident in the appeal of its unique products and its ability to meet the aspirations of buyers. The company continues to focus on delivering exceptional homes that not only meet but exceed the expectations of its customers.

Ediston Homes invites potential buyers to explore the available opportunities at its Sauchie and Paisley developments and experience the exceptional quality and tailored support that sets them apart in today’s housing market.